Adjunctive Therapy Intensives

An alternative to weekly meetings is therapy intensives. Intensive therapy for individuals is conducted over the span of several hours or days.  Intensives provide targeted, focused support so you can address deep-rooted issues and accelerate your healing.


I provide EMDR intensives and A Guide Back to You intensives as my schedule allows.


EMDR Intensives


These are provided as an adjunctive therapy for people who already have a therapist and would like to accelerate their healing.  This work can be helpful to those who:

1.  Had a recent or past trauma

2.  Have pre-verbal trauma

3. Feel stuck in their ability to change their beliefs through talk therapy


Intensives are done for 3-6 hours on one or several days.  They are for an adjunct to your regular therapy.  

Clients will need to be referred by their therapist, assessed to make sure this is the appropriate modality at this time, and agree to return to their regular therapist once their intensive is complete.  My schedule does not allow me to continue with clients after an intensive.


If you are interested, please call and indicate which intensive you would like. We will set up a free 15 minute consultation. 401-903-2877




A Guide Back To You Intensive:


Do you struggle with knowing who you are?  Is it hard to make decisions or even know what you want?  If you do know what you want, is it hard to ask for it? Sometimes we used to know who we were, and then a life change happened such as divorce, illness, retirement or graduation, and we feel lost.  This workbook is designed to help you become strong in your identity and stay true to yourself.  Through guided exercises you will learn more about yourself, your needs and what makes  


Come sit with me for a few hours and work the exercises together.


You do not need a therapist referral to do this intensive.  Participants get a free workbook as part of this intensive.




Insurance does not cover intensives.  The cost for intensives is $195/ 50-minute hour for weekday and $225/ 50-minute hour for weekend days.  50% of total cost is due at the time of scheduling and the remainder will be charged on the first day of your intensive. The initial 50-minute telehealth session cost to determine if this is the right work and time is the same per hour.  Please make sure you can manage the time commitment and cost before scheduling, to avoid cancellation fees.


If you are interested, please call and indicate which intensive you would like. We will set up a free 15 minute consultation.  401-903-2877






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